5 Ways to Banish the Belief that You’re Not Good Enough

Do you have feelings of inadequacy and self doubt, despite having evidence to the contrary?

Some individuals, no matter how successful they are, feel like a fraud. Their beliefs rob them of being happy with their success, always thinking that they are still not good enough, could do better and often causing anxiety. If you’ve ever felt this way then you are not alone. If you’re not careful however, those feelings can prevent you from reaching your potential but by changing your outlook you can overcome your self-limiting beliefs.

Here are a few tips to help:

Acknowledge your strengths

Although you may get ‘a lucky break’ occasionally, DON’T Put all your success to just good luck. Acknowledge that you have worked hard, had a talent otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are today. Make a list of your accomplishments and read them, especially when you are feeling low or lacking in confidence. Reminding yourself of your strengths can help to feel more positive about yourself and your abilities. (We are always good at looking ourselves negatively rather than praising ourselves).

Share Your Passions with Others

Sharing your knowledge with others may help you feel passionate about what you’re doing. Write a blog, become a mentor for a colleague or for a teenager at your local school/college. Don’t forget how far you have come and what you have achieved.

Address Your Self Doubt

Don’t just ignore those self-critical thoughts – acknowledge that you are doing this and address them. Imagine if it was a friend being self-critical, what would you say to them? Talk to yourself like a trusted friend would and don’t belief your unrealistic negative thoughts.

Find Time to Relax

It’s important to do activities you love as this is instrumental in how you feel. Give yourself permission to enjoy your life and get a happier work life balance. Doing so can help you enjoy the fruits of your hard work and to see that you deserve those things you’ve earned.

Accept Compliments Gracefully

Too often, we shrug off the nice things people say about us. Perhaps it feels embarrassing, uncomfortable or not justified.  Commit to accepting compliments with a simple “thank you” when others acknowledge your work or your outfit etc.

If you still find this difficult, then perhaps seek professional help. How long are you going to allow yourself to feel badly? To accomplish more, you have to believe you’re worthy of success!!