COVID-19 & Working from Home

With more and more people working from home, in particular due to the knock on effects of the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important to put boundaries in place and to look after yourself in order to maintain the work/life balance.

It is important to make the distinction between your work and personal life, ensuring you take time for yourself. Not only to take the lunch break you need but to start and finish work at reasonable times. It is always so easy to work much longer hours for free!

Keep reading for practical ways you can easily adopt in your own daily routine.

10 ways to practice self care when working from home

1. Set boundaries between your work and home

When you’re not in the office, it’s easy to slip into habits such as working late into the evening. In order to maintain a healthy balance between work and play, put clear boundaries in place so that there is a distinction between the hours you need to work and the time you have to yourself.

2. Stock up on healthy treats

Keep your kitchen stocked up with tasty (and healthy) snacks to graze on during the day. A bowl of fresh fruit or nuts by your desk are a great way to keep the hunger at bay in between meals.

3. Fit in a work out

Making time for some light exercise will boost motivation levels and increase productivity. Even if it’s a quick park run or 10-minute cardio workout in your front room, you will find yourself with more energy throughout the day. Walking or running with your dog is an excellent way for both of you to get in some additional exercise.

4. Make time for a lunch break

If you regularly work from home, carve out time to give yourself a well-deserved break. Step away from your desk and head outside for fresh air. Stepping away from your desk gives your mind time to reset and can help bring a fresh perspective.

5. Create a meaningful morning routine

Whether it’s heading out for a walk first thing or listening to relaxing music, get set for the new day by putting yourself first.

6. Have a designated work space

If you have the space, create a small study area, with a desk and upright chair. Lighting is key to ensuring you don’t strain your eyes, while a tidy area will help to keep your mind clear.

7. Take time to move during the day

If you work from home and don’t leave your desk much, fitting in extra time for exercise is a great way to ensure you will keep fit and healthy. Get up from your desk and stretch as you make yourself a drink for instance.

8. Set a sleep schedule

Aim to get around eight hours sleep a night to ensure you have enough energy the following day. When you work from home, it can often be tempting to lie in later or stay up working.

9. Get dressed as if you’re headed to the office

This will increase your productivity and get you in the right head space.

10. Meditation

Although it may not be everyone’s choice, why not try and take some time to meditate during the working day and give yourself some head space to completely unwind.